Common Questions

The Lancaster Photo Booth, we receive many questions from brides searching for photo booths rentals. The most common question asked is, when should the photo booth be running at my wedding? If you book 3 hours or more, we recommend that the photo booth starts running after dinner. Your guests will want something to do and the photo booth can keep them entertained for hours. The photo booth will be a fun and huge hit at your wedding, as soon as one guest walks around with a photo strip in their hand, other guests will quickly start lining up at the booth. Make sure your Dee Jay announces you have a photo booth on site and where it is located. Surprise your guests, they will go home talking about your wedding and telling their friends about it. VIRAL!

How is Lancaster Photo Booth different from other photo booth rental companies?
Lancaster Photo Booth gives you the ability to customize your photo strip layout with more than just your name and date. Change it up, add colors, textures or even scan your invitations as the background. Plus, we don’t tag our business name on your prints.

Photo Booth

How does your photo booth work?
Easy, hop into our photo booth, touch the screen and go crazy. Our live view 20″ monitor screen will count down while you change up your pose. Once you’re done, your prints are ready to be picked up in less than 20 seconds.

How many photos can we take?
As many as you like. You and your guest can take unlimited photos for the amount of time we are there.

How mobile is your photo booth?
Very mobile, we can setup anywhere. If your location is on the third floor with no elevators, we can make it happen. Our booth is super portable, only requirement is a level surface and a regular 110v household power outlet.

How many people can get into your booth?
Our booth holds 6 people comfortably but our record is 11 people total.

Is your booth standing or sitting?
Our booth is designed so that you are standing. Makes changing props so much easier.

Will someone be there helping out?
Yes. There will be a photo booth technician to monitor all the fun you’ll be having till the party ends.

Do you provide the props?
We bring all the props but feel free to add your own style of props.

Do you charge for setting up and tearing down?
No, setup and tear down is complimentary.

When does the photo booth start?
Photo booth starts when you want it to run. Example: Your cocktail hour is from 5 till 6, dinner is 6 till 7. We can have the photo booth running at 7 after everyone is done eating. Easy.

Do I get any prints from the photo booth?
Since you have unlimited use of the booth during your event, your guest can go in again and again. There are 2 copies printed, one for you and one for your guest.

Do I get a CD of images?
Of course, at the end of the night you’ll get a CD of all your images to take home with you.

What about an online gallery?
Yep, and your guest can download a copy of the image at no cost.

Are you insured?
Yes. We protect the guest and our equipment so you have nothing to worry about.

What do you charge for your awesome service?
We are up front with our pricing, check it out here: Photo Booth Pricing.